Web Applications: Get the Inside Scoop on Web Applications from a Guru

Rafe Needleman has covered tech for years and has recently morphed into covering Web applications. He discussed with Podtech.net about web applications.
If you are interested in getting a good overview of how web applications will impact your business you really need to take the time to view/listen to this discussion.

Web applications are changing things in several ways:
1. The issue of PC or Mac is becoming a non-issue. All you need is a web browser – which computer you have matters less and less. For mobile users – the PC you have might matter a bit more.
2. Off line access – if you are using a hosted applications, it’s going to matter less and less if you are online or offline. Sure, you’ll need to be online at some point. But if you are offline for a few hours you can still get work done as more online applications are able to work offline.
Software, as you know it – is changing.