When Phone Calls – Not Clicks Drive Sales

Ingenio, one of a handful of companies with cost-per-call services has teamed up with Network Solutions – a domain name registration, amongst other things.
Cost per click is where you only pay for clicks to your web site. Cost per call is a service offered by Ingenio that enables you to only pay for calls. Ingenio places a unique telephone number on advertisements, displayed based on keywords. When callers call you, you only pay for the phone call.
Teaming up with Network Solutions means that Ingenio’s reach will only expand – increasing its pool of potential customers.
Using Pay Per Call, Network Solutions customers will be able to reach the growing number of consumers who actively search for local businesses online, and wish to interact with a live person. Pay Per Call advertisers gain access to new revenue opportunities by having their Pay Per Call ads run across the Ingenio Pay Per Call advertising network comprised of leading search engines, Internet yellow page directories, mobile search, and free directory assistance services providers.