WSJ’s New site: Simply Beautiful

If you’ve been a frequent reader of the Wall Street Journal’s you know it’s chock full of useful information for small businesses. Content from the Wall Street Journal and content exclusively on are at this site.
The WSJ’s given the site a face lift with a fresh new look and a much better layout and more information.
“Entrepreneur reflects the depth and extent of The Wall Street Journal Online’s small business coverage, which goes beyond the start-up stage,” said David Patton, Assistant Managing Editor,, who oversaw the relaunch efforts. “We’re excited to offer a free channel featuring The Wall Street Journal’s complete coverage of small business issues, from the earliest planning stages to financing growth and expansion — everything a small business owner or entrepreneur needs to know to succeed.”
I’ve been reading the WSJ consistently as a subscriber for 2 years and years before that buying it on the news stand. My favorite section is the marketplace section as it beautifully chronicles the lives of small business owners – their failures (well lessons learned) and their success.
Editorial highlights of are the “Small Talk”
column, where Kelly Spors answers reader questions about the ins and outs of starting and managing a business and Wendy Bounds’ “Enterprise” column about the challenges of entrepreneurship.
Ms. Spors is a small business reporter for The Wall Street Journal; previously she covered personal finance for The Wall Street Journal Sunday and worked in the Journal’s Washington, D.C. bureau. As WSJ’s small business editor, Ms. Bounds has chronicled the rise and fall of companies in many industries including fashion, travel, retail, marketing and media during the past decade. Ms. Bounds appears weekly on CNBC’s “Morning Call” and she is a regular contributor to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
I also hear the WSJ small business reports and of course am addicted to Joe Connolly’s small business reports as well – on my iPod.
I know this news is not my usual tech news piece but the WSJ’s new site is a very good site and resource that will definitely help you grow your business.