Launches a Business Center for Small Businesses

I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to do this, but I’m glad they’ve done it. They’ve launched a site for small businesses. This is not revolutionary as already has the products. However, what does make this a bit special is that has put together a resource site nicely putting things that a small business would need in one place.

It appears that the site is in partnership with Microsoft and Intuit as I see their logos quite visible on the site.
My initial thinking was that this would be “yet another” site with links from Inc or Entrepreneur and some smiling small business expert (heck it could be me or anyone else). But it’s not.
They have a nice flash (or other technology) representation of an “office”. You hover your mouse over the various office parts for more information or to order – pretty neat I think.
It also positions as more than just a supplier of books, electronics and software but as a provider of business products for businesses.
Beyond products, Amazon Web Services, Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Corporate Accounts are also available.
“Becoming an entrepreneur can be a risky, yet exhilarating experience,” said Greg Hart, vice president of software at “Our goal with the Amazon All Business Center is to help eliminate some of the guess work when it comes to the information small business owners need to know and the products they need to have in order to succeed. The store is a tool that allows us to reach out to this unique group of customers, and provide them with the best prices, selection and convenience to help make their dreams of owning their own businesses a reality. We will continue to expand and evolve the store to meet our customers’ needs.” has put, up front and center their community forum. Community forums are a dime a dozen – but what makes them thrive is the size of their audience. With’s millions of customers and thousands and thousands of business customers, there’s sure to be some vibrant conversation.