AT & T Remote Vault – Another Online Backup Solution

I’m getting flooded with pitches to cover online backup solutions. There’s so many coming in and I’m not sure if there’s any one solution better than the other (except for, that I don’t post too much about back up solutions. However, AT&T launched recently a solution, Remote Vault that I’ll tell you about – because it’s from AT&T.
Remote Vault, now available via a new e-commerce Web site or a toll-free number (1-866-ATT-2222) enables small businesses, equipped with a broadband Internet connection, to remotely access, copy and store data from PCs or laptops to an AT&T Internet Data Center, where it is centrally managed and securely protected.
Today’s news from AT&T, makes business continuity planning much less daunting by offering a convenient and affordable solution – AT&T Remote Vault – an automated remote data backup and storage service, which can be ordered with a credit card and cost as little as $10 a month.
Although AT&T’s service is not new or innovate, the fact that it’s from AT&T might make it easier for smaller businesses to use its service than other providers.
As I type this I’m listening to talk radio and here an advertisement for Carbonite’s online backup solution.