Cabinet NG: Evolving Scanning Accessibility. Ease of Use for Small Businesses

Cabinet NG offers a simple and effective digital document management solution for small and medium sized businesses. It’s latest offering, “Retriever,” transparently integrates Cabinet NG’s document management system with nearly any other Windows-based business application.

If you’re working in Word or ACT!, for example, and need to call up a document you’ve stored in Cabinet NG, why should you have to open CNG and go back and forth between the document or program you’re in and CNG?
Instead of forcing its customers to integrate CNG’s document management solutions into their applications – CNG is helping to fulfill this need.
From CNG’s press release – Upon installation, a small Retriever widget is attached to the native application which monitors the user’s navigation. Based on the information being viewed, the Retriever can pull up associated documents directly from CNG-SAFE without switching from the native application. Furthermore, the Retriever enforces security and controls access to documents based on user rights assigned within the organization.
In addition to the new Retriever feature, Cabinet NG also introduced Synchronizer Add-on, a new synchronizing feature which automatically creates and updates folders in CNG-SAFE as they appear in the target applications database. For example, as new clients are added in a CRM or practice management system, a corresponding folder is created in CNG-SAFE. This method is also ideal for implementing a hierarchical data structure for making sure any changes in data (i.e. phone or address changes) in the top level application are correctly and automatically propagated to CNG-SAFE.
Synchronization between an application’s database and Cabinet NG folders is accomplished by automatically polling the target database for any new additions or changes and populating folder index data using the most current database data. The synchronizer can support multiple databases and Cabinet in CNG-SAFE.