CompUSA Increases Small Business Push

I thought CompUSA was a dying brand? I guess I’m wrong. In a nut shell, CompUSA is focusing on serving its business customers with a new area in its stores, expanded product selection, highly skilled technicians, free technology seminars, and enhanced customer communications.
CompUSA is going to have VERY tough competition who has successfully built a brand in it’s “Geek Squad” to serve the needs of small business in their local communities.
Their press release rads – “Earlier this year CompUSA embarked on the most aggressive business strategy in the company’s history to focus on its core customers that include the tech enthusiast, educated professional and small and medium business. While it’s early in the game, our hard work and commitment is paying off,” said Roman Ross, president and CEO, CompUSA. “We are determined to be the leading electronics retailer for small for medium businesses and our recent achievements demonstrate our commitment to this vision.”
CompUSA recently conducted comprehensive technical training for its business services representatives, investing more in technology education than ever in the company’s history. The higher level of training ensures business customers can receive the level of consulting they need to excel in today’s competitive environment. In addition, the company is reaching out to more small and medium businesses with an integrated marketing campaign that includes direct mail, catalogs and targeted print and online advertising campaigns.