D-Link’s SecureSpot Security Appliance

I get pinged and pitched quite a bit on various security solutions. I don’t cover all the information I receive as there are so many security products and services on the market it’s hard to write about any one in particular. We all know about McAfee, Trend Micro, Symantec, CA, Microsoft and other solutions. Most of us, or your technology consultant is aware of even more solutions for content filtering, router security and other solutions.
Here’s something pretty interesting though, D-Link’s SecureSpot. It’s an appliance that provides a wide range of security solutions for small businesses, including:
Firewall & Intrusion Detection, Content filter, and anti-virus protection.
What’s neat is that it’s not just software you install and wonder if it’s installed right, will slow down your computer or will cause your other programs to crash.
As an appliance, it’s self contained.
D-Link’s press release reads The D-Link SECURESPOT (DSD-150) provides robust business-level threat protection for up to four computers, installs externally between the user’s broadband modem and router, and is a simpler and lower-cost alternative to installing separate anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-popup and other off-the-shelf or downloadable security software programs onto each computer within the home or office network.
“This all-in-one D-Link security solution uses a combination of hardware, software applications and back-end, Web-based managed services to provide multi-tiered network protection from both current and emerging Internet security threats,” said Steven Joe, president and CEO of D-Link Systems, Inc.

SECURESPOT is available most retail outlets where computer products are sold. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $99.99, which includes one-year licenses for up to four computers. After the first year, licensing for up to four computers will cost $79.99 per year. Additional annual user licenses can be purchased for $19.99 each.
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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve had one at home for over a year now. After having tried a number of software content filtering solutions, this one is way easier and more accurate. Security is good too, except for spam control.

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