Dell’s Blog: What Small Businesses Can Learn

For some weeks, Jeff Jarvis a tech pundit, had been pretty negative about Dell’s customer service, on his blog. In partial response to Jeff and because they were probably considering it anyway, Dell started their own blog – direct to dell.
In a recent edition of Business Week, Jeff wrote about Dell. Following in the path of Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Dell interviewed Jeff here on their blog.
This is the power of blogging.
Being able to read the critique of others (as Dell does) and being able to use your blog to respond to that critique and hey even interview those who might be critiquing you.
While your web site is a static tool for static content your blog should be an oasis of conversation and communication to your customers, employers and partners.
Dell is not the only company that “gets it”. Butt this is one good example of the power of blogs as a tool to grow YOUR own business.