Google Search Appliance – 5th Generation Launches

Launched in 2002, Google’s Search Appliance now has over 10,000 customers. Why is search so important? Let’s say you have have hundreds, thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of documents from quarter to quarter, year to year.
Finding the information you need in this hay stack of documents can be almost impossible to find.
Search appliances index your data and enable you to find it very fast. If you have ever seen the power of a desktop search tool like Google Desktop or Windows Desktop you know what I mean.
The added value of Google’s Appliance, version 5, is that it can not only search for documents but also in proprietary data such as:
EMC Documentum
IBM FileNet
OpenText Livelink
Microsoft SharePoint
The Google appliance also has security enhancements and Google also announced Google Enterprise Labs, a site dedicated to improving the search experience inside businesses by providing early access to such search innovations as:
Search-as-you-Type adds dynamic, real-time search by presenting suggestions and auto-complete queries while the user is typing. Search-as-you-Type is ideal for directory lookup, glossary terms, and search suggestions.
Do-it-Yourself KeyMatch adds social search concepts to improve search results inside of business by allowing users to promote specific web pages for specific search terms, such as the CEO blog as the top result for CEO. Administrators have the option to monitor what’s been added and deleted.
Parametric Search and Filtering allows for drill-down on search results leveraging semi-structured information and metadata.
Read the full Google press release here.