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I recently got an email advising me to check out The email wasn’t long but just a short note advising me to check it out – I’m glad I did. is for those smaller businesses, mainly service oriented that have basic payment (receive and send) needs. Maybe you’re a contractor, PR professional, graphic artist or someone else whose needs are basic. In fact maybe you’ve been using PayPal for some time – is something for you to consider.

It has a wide range of payment options so you can receive and send payments through a variety of methods. Solutions include for paying employees and vendors; recurring payments and shopping cart and gateway offerings.
The marketing and CRM functions is what makes quite interesting as compared to PayPal. It’s one thing to be able to send and receive money, but taking things up a notch and being able to get new customers or sell to the ones you have is a bit different and takes more than simple invoicing.’s marketing feature enables you to send email marketing campaigns to customers and track their responses. The CRM feature is a bit light, but not surprising. Many companies offer “CRM” which means passive tracking of customer information – as does with its CRM module.
Their web site reads, “Enter a lead. Add meetings, calls and notes. Once the lead becomes a customer, click a button and convert the lead to a contact and/or an account. Pull up a contact and see everything that has happened with that contact. Meetings held, phone call records, emails sent, notes, projects, documents and more.”
There is more to the CRM component, but this gives you an idea of how it works.
Another component of is its gift card feature, which lets you send a customer a gift card via email or have gift cards printed.
Pricing ranges from $30 – $130 per month, depending on the users you’ll have and invoices you want to send. I was impressed that there are NO merchant account fees of any kind with – only a transaction fee.
My only caution would be that since there is no “about us” page about the company, you really are not sure who is behind this service. Putting your confidential information and your business’ money in the hands of any company is something to carefully consider, but much more a company that you don’t know about.
Quickbooks, Peachtree and Microsoft Accounting have various degrees of the features of integrated into their software and definitely available as 3rd party add-ons. PayPal has the payment / invoice features but none of the marketing and CRM features.
As you look for a solution for your service – you have many choices. Choose the solution that works for you and is best for your business growth.

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  1. Anita Campbell

    Ramon, you’ve hit on one of my pet peeves with some of the newer software-as-services applications. They offer sometimes impressive functionality, but ask you to open the kimono of your life without one iota of information about who’s behind the company. Spending 2 hours to put together a decent About Us section would go a long way toward making business owners feel more combfortable revealing their data.

  2. stats

    Anita,Your opinion that we should have a more detailed “About Us” page is correct. We did put information about the company in the body of the home page and on our blog. We were hoping that readers would find the information on the home page and then link over to the blog. However we have had a few comments like yours that point out that this was a mistake.
    Look for a detailed “About Us” link in the next few weeks as we make some changes to the layout of the home page.
    We take comments like this seriously so if we have screwed up, keep letting us know. We actually do appreciate it. It’s the only way any of us get better at what we do.
    Regards,Steve RoderickCEO, Founder GoToBilling, Inc.

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