Green Data Project: Reducing Power Consumption By Better Data Managerment

Until I read the press release from the Green Data Project, I never thought of using better data management techniques to reduce power consumption in data centers.
The Green Data Project is an international online community, resource site and web publication focused on managing electronic data in order to reduce electrical power demands in corporate IT.
Instead of focusing on changing the hardware, the Green Data Project is focused on strategic approaches focused on archive and data management.
Their press release reads:
Green IT must begin with green data. Otherwise a company’s data center greening initiative amounts to little more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, said Jon William Toigo, founder of both Data Management Institute and AMO.
Toigo contends that servers will shortly be overtaken by storage arrays as the biggest power hogs in the corporate data center. Driving the acquisition of storage capacity, he says, is a general failure of companies to manage their data, which is stored on expansive storage infrastructure.
While there is nothing wrong with technologies like data compression and de-duplication, Toigo contends, it must be clearly understood that the value of these technologies is limited and tactical. They can buy time that companies can put to good use sorting out their storage “junk drawers” and putting archiving programs in place.
Says Toigo, “Intelligent data management and archiving programs are business-savvy strategies that companies should be pursuing today – for compliance, for data protection and for data center greening.”
The Green Data Project will advance this perspective through a web community approach. Toigo offers that Green Data Project is the first international collaboration between vendors and consumers and will develop meaningful guidelines and best practices for use by companies that are serious about data center operations greening.
What does this mean to you?
If you want to reduce the costs of electricity and you want to contribute more to environmental stewardship by reducing the energy use of your data center consider how you manage your data.