Jott and the Rise of Phone Applications

Have you noticed how many applications are being developed for the cell phone users?
I recently wrote about CallWave which texts you your voice mail. Today I’m introducing you to Jott, which is a voice powered service that lets you dictate tasks, send email or text messages, communicate with groups of people or interact with web sites – all with just your voice.
For those of you who always have a headset plugged in your ear, you’ll probably find a tool like Jott useful. It reminds me of the automated assistant that was the rage a few years ago, I’ve since forgotten the name of the service, but you might remember (could you email it me).
Using your voice to command a phone service is not new. Google’s Google Voice Local Search and Microsoft’s Tell Me service both offer directory assistance in response to your voice.
However, what is new is the WAY these voice services are enabling business productivity.
With Jott, you call a Jott telephone number and giving a series of short commands you can speak a reminder or to-do list to yourself and more. I think one of the most interesting applications Jott has developed is the ability to speak a voice command to a web site. You must first enter the web site URL into the Jott system. Once done you can then speak a Google blog post or Twitter announcement instead of waiting until you get to a computer and typing it in.
If time is important to you and you find that the phone is always nearby and/or in your ear, you might want to consider Jott. Of course you really have to judge between when a tool like this is more of a gadget than useful tool, but if you don’t try it, you won’t know.
If you are often in a noisy environment, I don’t think Jott will work so well as it needs to clearly hear what you’re saying.