Learning the Etiquette of Communication in a Digital World

Some people are phone people and I respect them for it. But I’m an email person. If you’re a sales person at a company and you keep calling me, when I prefer email – that’s not so good. What about your customers?
Are you missing sales to a competitor because your support is primarily via email, but your customers wish you would call them. As email, chat, web sites and fax are all in the mix of communication options, it’s critical that you communicate the right way to your customers at the right time.
ConnectIT writes For the report, titled “First Contact: Using E-mail to Win Customers More Often,” Northborough, Mass.-based consultancy Brockmann & Company interviewed 260 B2B buyers on their preferences for communications services when they need to reach a vendor for the first time, and on the effectiveness of various techniques for responding to customer first contact.
Depending on your business – having customer support that meets your customers needs is critically important. Imagine if you have a major customer order and find out there’s a problem with a key component from one of your suppliers. Wouldn’t you want to connect with them immediately? Emailing them and getting email response back saying they’ll respond in 24 – 48 hours is no good.
I was just online purchasing Verizon DSL and was pleasantly happy to see they have an option ‘chat now for help’ Window. I had a question and it was answers in seconds by their chat representative.
Email marketing provider Constant Contact is known for its good phone support and hand holding.
If you are able to offer your customers great products, combined with great support when they need it, your business will thrive.
This does not mean you have to answer the phone all the time. But it does mean that customers are having their problems resolved quickly.
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