LongJump: Business Applications for Collaboration and Teams

LongJump, is a newly launched service from CRM company Relationals and offers a catalog of hosted applications for businesses.
The idea behind LongJump is helping your team better use and access the data residing on your computers. The challenge for many smaller businesses, and even corporate work groups is how to ensure corporate data can be shared. One differentiating feature of LongJump is that once your data is in, LongJump turns it into actionable data, meaning you can put data policies on top of your data and create action triggers; ie, when my phone contract is about to expire, send me an email reminder one month prior to renewal.
LongJump has 14 applications in its catalog, including customer manager, contract manager, trade show manager and other applications. Not only can you use these individual applications but the data can be shared across applications as well.
LongJump’s press release reads LongJump harnesses its parent company Relationals’ Dynamic Business Platform, which is used by more than 100 enterprise-level companies and has already managed millions of transactions. Serving as the foundation for LongJump’s business applications, the platform allows SMBs to readily customize an application based on changing needs or business growth, as well as publish the application to LongJump’s catalog for colleagues or the community to use.
Users can also create their own applications and publish them to LongJump’s catalog, making them available to their team or others.
If you’re looking for software (hosted or computer based) to power your business, you have many choices, including LongJump. The main thing to keep in mind is that software is VITAL for adding enabling your business to use data as actionable information.
Traditional databases such from FileMaker, Microsoft Access and Alpha Software provide one way to better manage information and share it with others. These databases come with built-in applications covering a variety of business needs such as inventory, employee address book and other things. Of course you can build an unlimited number of applications on your own and publish them to the Internet for use by anyone with a web browser.
Other tools such as WebEx Office, HyperOffice and eUnifydb provide your company with turn key collaboration and communication solutions through an online service.
Intuit’s QuickBase, Caspio and Trackvia competes head to head with traditional database software. These services make it easy for small business and workgroups to quickly make simple spreadsheet like data or more complex applications available to anyone.
Of course, specific applications such as that for CRM, sales and HR (ACT!, Gold Mine, etc) are an entirely separate category and can’t be beat for their specific strengths.
So, you’ve got a lot of choices available to your business for enabling data to be shared with others and linked to other data for intelligence and information. The challenge is deciding what technology is best for your business and how you use it most effectively.
If you want to add “actionable intelligence” to your data, a service like LongJump should be seriously considered.