Merry Christmas: Small Businesses Will Make it So Via Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be the most popular form of marketing for small businesses. It’s easy to do, low cost and quite effective – when done right.
Email marketing company, Constant Contact lives and dies by email marketing and recently came out with a study on Holiday sales. Despite modest consumer spending predictions1, small businesses have a jolly outlook for the 2007 holiday season, according to Constant Contact’s 3rd Annual 2007 Small Business Holiday Outlook.
Maybe you’ve not been particular pleased with your share of Holiday sales in the past. There’s no need to not change things for 2007’s Holiday season. Plan now for how you will leverage email to BOOST sales.
At the recent “Marrying Technology and Sales” event I did, I covered this.
Email marketing diva Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact said that Although the David versus Goliath scenario is especially evident during the holiday season, the increased adoption of online marketing tools is helping small businesses feel confident as they pursue a greater share of consumers’ holiday spend.
How to ensure your email marketing is on target this year?

  • Have an anticipated email newsletter – that your clients will want to read
  • Ensure you have information in your email that is of interest to your customers – that will make them NOT want to put it down
  • Don’t try the hard sales route – instead be a resource for your customers first and foremost through your newsletter
  • Get the full survey data here.