Microsoft’s Small Business Specialists: Geeks You can Trust and Who Know Their Stuff

Two years ago, Microsoft launched a new partner program, specifically for partners who focused on the small business market – the Small Business Specialist program. This program enabled local IT professionals to be certified as small business specialists – knowing about Microsoft small business focused technologies and about small business IT needs overall.

There are 5,000 IT specialists (and growing) who have received this designation. Harry Brelsford’s annual SMB Nation on Microsoft’s Redmond campus is a great opportunity to see hundreds of these dedicated professionals up close. I’ve been there and loved every minute of it!
I recently showed you a video, of local retailer geeks (ie GeekSquad and others) that had a few bad apples amongst them. One way to check out the competence of your local IT professional is to find out if they are Microsoft Small Business Specialist certified and/or have such a specialist on staff.
Microsoft defines “small business” to be companies with 50 or fewer employees. The SBSC group of 5,000 is easily identifiable. Each partner, and only those partners, can identify themselves with the Microsoft SBSC Logo.
If you’re looking for a small business IT expert to help your tech needs, find one here.
If your local tech expert is not a Microsoft small business specialist, this does not mean they’re no good. However, if you have to choose between two consultants and one has the certification and one does not – choose the one with the certification.
Keep in mind – recommendations and references are most important so check those out as well.
Another source of tech consultants is hardware vendors: HP and Lenovo all have broad reseller channels who can help you with technology. Symantec has a certification program as well.

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