Monitoring Your Network: It Saves You Money and Time in the End

Saving money is a good thing. But when you save “stupid money” – that’s not so good. What do I mean by stupid money? Well, let’s say it cost $2,000 or so per year to monitor the network of your small business – and you elect NOT to have this done.
If you come in one morning and find out that your network is down, due to a server glitch, you’ll wish you had invested in network maintenance. Just like preventive maintenance for a copier.
Connect IT writes In discussions with your IT services firm you discover what happened with the server that caused this unexpected downtime. They inform you your server had begun to fail over the past few weeks. This situation could have been prevented with network monitoring services. However, you elected not to take advantage of this offer because you decided it was not worth the investment. I am sure you feel differently now.
Don’t look at your IT consultant as always trying to suck money from you. Consider them your friend and asset. Their role should be as your trusted adviser to ensure that your technology is running as smooth as it can and that your are MAXIMIZING your use of the technology to the fullest.
Technology can be a complete, 100% pain. However, it’s important to take care of the technology you have so it’s available when you need it.
Think of your financials. Any good accountant is not there for you JUST on tax day but is also on the lookout for cash flow problems and as your business grows, how you can maximize each dollar’s potential.
Your tech adviser should have the same role with IT in your business.
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