Mozy (online backup) Bought by EMC

The nice thing about smaller companies is that they fight like anything to give good customer service and make a great product (most of them). The other aspect to being small is that you often get acquired.
Utah based Berkeley Data Systems, creator of the popular online backup tool Mozy is being acquired by data storage giant EMC.
If you are one of the 300,000 Mozy customers that now has a new owner, Mozy, you’ll be in good hands. I would expect for the following to happen:
EMC will use Mozy’s platform to make more money and pour money into acquiring more customers.
Mozy’s customers will get better support and possibly more features.
Mozy will have more money to hire programmers to make the service better and more feature rich.
Here’s two quotes from the press release “Mozy’s technology and online delivery model has proven itself to be one of the industry’s most admired offerings for customers looking to safely and cost-effectively backup and recover their digital information stored on desktops, laptops, and remote office servers,” said Tom Heiser, EMC SVP, Corporate Development and New Ventures. “The acquisition of Mozy is a natural extension of EMC’s leadership in the protection and security of personal and business information. We will continue to invest in Mozy’s full portfolio of online backup and recovery services and advance the Mozy brand in the marketplace.”
“I have been researching and developing internet-scale storage and information management solutions throughout my career,” said Josh Coates, founder and former CEO of Berkeley Data Systems. “EMC and Berkeley Data Systems are a natural fit, and I’m confident that EMC is the right organization to take Mozy to the next level. I look forward to working with EMC to continue innovating in the storage and information management industry.”

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  1. Anonymous

    “you’ll be in good hands?” Tell that to the customers of other companies EMC has acquired, or the offices closed down, or the people laid off…

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