Must Read: Cool Tools for the Upcoming Holiday Season!! (or just buy them now)

In the Fall, PR & exhibit companies bring together journalists and tech companies for an evening of food and checking out the latest and greatest from technology companies. In September, I checked out Pepcom’s annual Holiday Spectacular and got up close to some pretty neat and useful tools for small businesses.
Here’s what I found…
3M has privacy filters for notebook computers. When you’re on a plane, train, bus or in a shuttle van you really want what you’re typing to stay confidential and not be seen by the guy next to you. Privacy filters help narrow the viewing angle of your neighbor.
Plantronics continues to have telephony tools, including great headsets, for small business in the home or corporate office.
If you’re looking to please that special someone who is a business professional Logitech and Kensington have a range of mobile productivity solutions to meet every need. I was particularly impressed with the Kensington’s line of mice that doubles as a presentation clicker.
Update: Belkin and Swiss Gear both sell mobile components
If you are looking to please a gadget freak…Logitech and Kensington definitely have something for you.
Storage is one of the cheapest and important things needed by small businesses. We’ve got gigabytes of audio-video casts to listen too, video to edit, photographs from events and clients and mounds of incoming PDFs. We need more and more and more storage. Both Seagate (including Maxtor) and Western Digital have external hard disks to meet any storage needs. The hard disks aren’t just pieces of plastic and metal but include built in intelligence for backup, restoration and synchronization. From Seagate’s Free Agent, to Maxtor One Touch to Western Digital My Drive – there’s definitely a solution for you.
Lenovo has at Holiday Spectacular showing off it’s line of computers, especially its new QUIET and ENERGY efficient ThinkCentre computers.
Kodak – when you think of Kodak you probably still think of photography. But Kodak is so much more. It’s a powerhouse of digital photography and printing – for small businesses. It’s line of Easy Share printers are perfect for home office or small business corporate offices.
DisplayLink has an easy, “I never thought of that” solution. It enables one computer to display an image on multiple monitors through USB. You’ve just got to check it out.
Getting phone calls is a pain we must endure. But getting voice mail is something that most of us hate. Why? Because we have to check the voice mail!!!!
Callwave and Simulscribe have solutions. They listen to your incoming calls and give you the message as an SMS message to you. You no longer have to wonder what a message says in a meeting. You know what it says. The technologies are a bit different but the end result is about the same. Check out the pricing and details.
Symantec was displaying its software to detect and combat bot attacks and its Internet Security Suite 2008. I talked with product manage Jody Gibney for a few minutes and she explained that Internet Security 2008 is faster than previous versions, checks your browser for vulnerabilities, stores passwords before it releases your password or information about you it checks each web site. Jody also explained that Internet Security Suite 2008 has been completely revamped. If your small business or one you know needs protection – Symantec definitely has a slew of products for you to consider.