Removable Hard Disks: VERY viable option. No more tape backup. Expanded storage.

I remember using tape backup – many years ago. It was a nice solution but hearing the tape whine and moan and taking hours to backup data was not fun. I’ve since moved on to other solutions – such as external hard disk, CD and online backup.

However, one solution, I think is worth considering for a variety of reasons is removable hard drive storage (not to be confused with hot-swappable hard disks).
Removable hard disks, available in multi-gigabyte configurations are great for archiving data or using live data (programs or file storage in real time). Instead of taking hours to backup data, it can take minutes with removable disk storage.
Maybe the hard disk on your server is getting full or you have information that you want to keep secured. A removable hard disk can offer a solution.
A recent press release on removable hard disks, reads “Customers need cost-effective removable storage to backup, archive and safeguard their data in the face of ever-increasing storage requirements,” said Robert Amatruda, research director of tape and removable storage at IDC. “ProStor’s RDX technology addresses the need for high-capacity removable storage for low-cost data protection and disaster recovery applications.”
Unlike tape drives which introduce incompatibility with each new generation and require the purchase of a new system, all RDX docks and cartridge capacities are fully compatible and interchangeable. Users protect their technology investment simply by choosing the RDX disk cartridge capacities, ranging from 40 GB to 300 GB, which suit their specific applications.
Each RDX disk cartridge houses a high-capacity mobile 2.5-inch hard disk drive in a shock-proof design to allow the cartridge to sustain a fall from up to 39 inches. The cartridge is inserted into a dock, which can be connected internally through SATA or externally with a USB. The fast transfer rate of up to 45 MB/second reduces the typical data backup window from hours to seconds, allowing a user to back up 100 GB of data in less than an hour. Unlike tape, which winds sequentially to read data, RDX technology accesses files in milliseconds, allowing for instant data retrieval. Visit to learn more about RDX removable backup technology.