Strategies to Succeed Online: So Much to Learn. So easy to do.

Your business can succeed online. You just have to take the time and read up a bit on HOW to do it.
David Strom, IT guru, writes in the NY Times Besides having a person responsible for online communities and communications, businesses must strive to develop a more conversational approach that includes everyone from the chief executive to the mailroom clerk.
If you’ve grown your traditional business, but have yet to really concentrate on a solution for online growth it’s not too late. In fact now is a perfect time, because there are so many online services available for your business.
David’s NY Times article, though not in depth of the many services available, especially beyond ones like MySpace (yuck) offers hope and a good overview.
Building your web site is a piece of cake. Office Live, Yahoo and Homestead.
If you build your site – will anyone come? Sure, if you work to a) advertise it using Cost per click services from Google, Yahoo, and b) services such as’s Search Light give you a hand in using Cost per click advertising.
If you’re ready to sell online, the web site services I listed above can easily help you sell online as well.
As your business grows – online – you can do more and more and use even more and/or more robust tools beyond what Yahoo, Homestead and Office Live can provide.
Don’t forget social networking and being your own COMMUNICATOR – blogging, podcasts, email newsletter and RSS feeds are important and not difficult to create. It’s for YOU to simply get it done and explore the resources available to do these things.
I’ve been using for years and am now exploring Movable Type and WordPress – two powerful blogging platforms, in addition to TypePad.