Technology Usage: Too High and Too Low – Says Busienssses

Business research firm NFI Research regularly surveys 2,000 business executives and managers. It’s latest survey finds that 2% of businesses think the use of technology is too low. But about 50% of the respondents feel that the use of technology is too low while the rest say it’s too high. Evenly split.
Talent Management writes about the research Three-fourths of senior executives and managers spend more than half of their time using technology (cell phone, BlackBerry, computer, etc.), according to the worldwide survey of 194 senior executives and managers by NFI Research.
Almost one-quarter (23 percent) spend between 70 and 80 percent of their time using technology, and 18 percent spend between 81 and 90 percent of their time using technology.

Where do you fit in to this equation?
Do you use a lot of technology and does your use of the technology make you more productive?
Many small businesses, unfortunately have no clue how much more productive they would be if they used technology more and more strategically than they use it now. There’s some small businesses who are not using technology as they should be using it. They surely have the basics, but not much more. Others, are using quite a bit of technology but need guidance in using it more strategically.
For example, many people have a Blackberry, however, not everybody is using the Blackberry to its utmost potential. Sure, email is the main application people use their Blackberry for. However, I’ve noticed that many people still use a traditional cell phone – hence two devices. Is that productive?
Those people using a Blackberry, are they leveraging the many applications available for the Blackberry, which will enable them to access corporate information such as sales, inventory and customer history or profiles?
This is just a small example of how YOUR BUSINESS needs to consider technology and getting the most out of it.
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