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If you want to send large files you have a limited set of choices using just your computer. Sending files by email can be a pain as most email servers have a limit on the size of emails sent and received. You could send files via “file transfer protocol” (FTP). However, not everyone knows how to use FTP for sending files.
I’ve been using and it works quite well. The WSJ reviewed another file sending tool – which does more than just send files. It’s awesome.
WSJ writes This week, I tested another product in the long line of programs that uses automatic synchronization to simplify the process of sharing large files by giving you the ability to change files and privacy options at any time. It’s called Tubes ( from Tubes Networks and it takes its name from the pneumatic vacuum-tube system commonly used in bank drive-throughs that motivated me to join my Mom on visits to the bank as a kid. Mom would pull up and a container would whoosh over through a tube to arrive beside the car window; after a quick exchange it returned with her deposit slip and a lollipop for me.
is another neat service which you might want to try out.

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  1. Doug Haslam

    Thanks for your post and your kind words about Tubes (ok, the word ‘awesome’ is more than kind).
    For any of your readers trying Tubes who have questions, email for help.
    (I work with the Tubes marketing & PR team).

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