Xerox: Color and Black & White Printing – No Cost Difference

One of the huge differences in printing in color for businesses of any size has been color. Prices on color printers have continued to drop but the cost per printed page has still remained a bit high due to the cost of consumables like ink and if used, high quality paper.
Recently, Xerox announced a new line of printers, the Phaser 8860 and 8860 multi-function printers that use a new type of solid ink technology. This new ink, according to Xerox, is two times less expensive than using equivalent laser printers from other manufacturers.
What does this mean to you? That cost, for the most part is no longer an excuse for NOT printing in color.
Nearly five years in development, the new crayon-like ink sticks have been developed to last longer than ever before. With Xerox’s cartridge-free solid ink technology, the ink sticks, which are simply dropped into the color-coordinated ink trays, require minimal packaging and generate 90 percent less waste than comparable laser printers.
Base pricing for the Phaser 8860 color printer and Phaser 8860MFP is $2,499 and $3,999, respectively. The black ink, with a yield of 14,000 pages, is $216. Each color ink stick, also yielding 14,000 pages, is only $72.
I’m not sure when it first started, but from the first day, some years ago, when Xerox decided to target “color”, Xerox has continued to innovate and produce devices and ink technology to keep the cost of color low while the quality remains high.
Keep in mind, to get the best quality images, it is important to use good paper, and not regular copy paper. You might want to buy reams of traditional copy paper for your regular print jobs but have some stacks of “special” paper on the side for other print jobs that require a better look and image.
As your office looks to upgrade its black and white printing, color printing and multi-function device needs, Xerox’s line of printers is quite compelling.
In addition to the basic hardware, Xerox also has software to help you manage your printing better and various features in its printers to make printing and capturing images easier to do.
Xerox has a nice overview of printing here.