Your Accountant as your Technology Advisor

Do you like your accountant? I think many of you do. The small businesses I’ve talked to about their accountant would refer them to someone else – so that’s a good thing.
I was reading an article in which mentioned the important role a an accountant (or CPA) can have in the technology upgrade of a small business. writes Or perhaps you can point out that, in order to expand their businesses, growing pains – such as upgrading the software system – are just part of the process. “First of all, CPAs need to set the client’s expectations that change is inevitable, change is a good thing and that the benefits that will flow out of that can be measured and identified,” said Mark Semmelrock, a CPA and director of the Sage Software practice at Blum Shapiro Consulting in West Hartford, Conn. “Obviously, there has to be a positive return on investment, and the CPA should be able to help quantify that. The CPA, as a trusted advisor, should be an intimate part of that role.”
Often times a business owner is not sure if upgrading their IT is worth the expense, time, learning curve, aggravation or downtime due to “change”. For these business owners that will not upgrade, they’ll find themselves being stuck using the same, old, archaic systems and not maximizing their use of technology.
Whether you’re stuck in using Windows 95 or using a manual typewriter you must evolve your businesses use of technology if you want to please customers and stay ahead of your competition.
If you don’t adapt your technology needs you won’t experience the speed and efficiency gains of new technology.
NEVER buy technology just for technologies sake but do invest in technology for the clear benefit of your business.
Read the full WebCPA article here.