Your Local Geek Chain: Are They Incompetent Deviants?

A Canadian “undercover” TV show videos local geeks being incompetent about basic computer issues and looking at things on your computer they have no business looking at. Is this a growing trend or an isolated incident?
See the video here.

I know for sure every Geek Squad, Geeks on Call, Circuit City Fire Dog guy/gal is NOT incompetent.
However this TV show and other reports do indicate that WHO you choose to repair your computer or give you advice is critical.
Local computer store chains, like your local grocery store and supermarket have a high turn over. The geeks they hire, understandably don’t build careers being an hourly paid geek. In addition, all geeks don’t have the some technical competence. Some are gray haired computer gurus others are 21 year old computer gamers. It’s hard to know which geek will be repairing your computer.
With this in mind, I strongly advocate that you consider an independent technology consultant. They have a VESTED interest in ensuring their skills and the skills of those they hire are up to par. Still – get references. However, if you can find a reputable technology consultant, build a relationship with them and their company.
It’s vital for your businesses growth.