Archive of November 2007

How to Simplify Technology In Your Business

For businesses that are using very little technology, technology is already simple. They’re using such little technology it’s simple due to there not being any. For companies on track for growth, their use of technology can be much more complicated. However, the best way to ensure that technology remains powerful but simple is by ensuring […]

Should You Launch Your Own Social Network?

Many of your employees already participate in social networks such MySpace, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. These networks are useful and important for them to take a personal, maybe even professional stake in keeping in touch with those who they know and meeting those they do not know. What about your company creating its own social network […]

10 Ideas for 2008 to Save Money

In Business Week, Gene Marks, recently wrote 10 Penny Pinching Ideas for 2008 for you to consider. If any bodyknows how to save money, it’s Gene as he writes about it all the time. In this Business Week column, one of the ideas Gene writes about are reports. His implicit advice is that every business […]

You Can Build Buy Applications (computer programs)

There’s a new evolution occurring in the “software creation” world and it’s mimicking the evolution of web sites. In the beginning days of web site building & buzz, web site development shops (one person to 50 persons or more) were burgeoning all over the place. Today, although web site development is still one of the […]

Sending Big Files Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

Getting large files from one place to another has traditionally been a pain. You could burn a CD or USB thumb drive and mail the files. If you had an FTP (file transfer protocol) server you could use an FTP server (imagine an online version of Windows Explorer) – but it’s complicated to set up […]

For Those Who Need More Secure (Encrypted) Email

When you send an email message, there are at least four, if not more, points of contact wherein the email could be read by someone else. For many people your email communication need not be secret as they contain innocuous information that would be of little (if any) importance to the general public. For those […]