Active CRM Is a Must for Growing Your Business

There comes a time in the life of your business when you realize that in order to grow your business you must initiate active marketing to better reach new customers and sell more to current customers.
For example, you’ve just finished a seminar with 27 prospective customers. Many smaller businesses manually enter the contact information into a database. They then call or email the customers, MAYBE put notes into the comments field and hope for the best.
However, if you really want to grow your business and make each contact with a customer another opportunity to boost sales you’ll have to use technology to help you automate the sales process. This is where a TRUE CRM solution comes into play.

First, let’s be clear, Microsoft Outlook is NOT CRM. It’s a powerful email tool and via the free Business Contact Manager can be a powerful contact management and sales assistant.
However, CRM is being able to use technology to serve customers how they want to be served. To be able to:

  • Know each time a customer comes in contact with your company via email, regular mail, fax or phone
  • Be able to automatically trigger events based on a specific customer activity
  • Profitably Manage each time a customer buys from you online or offline
  • One integrated solution that can best harness your data and turn it into actionable and profitable information

The question you should first answer for your business is NOT which CRM solution is for you, but IS CRM for you and how you would use it in your business.
Once you make this decision, you can then consider which CRM package is best for you.
I went through a 30 minute demo of Infusion CRM’s web based service and it is 100% powerful.
For $60 per month per user you get a feature rich and comprehensive CRM solution. You can get rid of Excel, databases, email marketing services and other tools you are using to manage customer relations and market your business.
Infusion CRM manages your sales and billing, contact management, email marketing, affiliate programs and more.
Other CRM solutions include:
Microsoft CRM
Sage CRM
New upstart NetBooks integrates CRM into its offering as well.
There’s other solutions such as Gold Mine Software, ACT! and Maximizer which are geared toward contact management, but do have elements of CRM.
If you don’t want to go through this yourself, there’s several national and local CRM specialists, such as Infinity Info Systems, who partner with these vendors to design, implement and train you ona CRM solution just for your company.