Banks & You: Technology Differentiators

Have you seen how banks are transforming and evolving their offerings to small business customers?
It seems like only last week that banks were touting their “free” business checking accounts. Every bank offers this now and it’s not longer a serious competitive advantage.
Banks are relying more on technology as an advantage. Chase was one of the leaders in advertising “free business checking” but their advertisements have recently been about using their online banking to give access to your account to others you authorize

Wachovia recently started touting its online deposit service, wherein checks can be deposited by being scanned directly to the bank, from your desk, with no actual visit to a retail bank branch.
As the competition for your dollars heats up in the banking industry, look not only for a bank with good customer service and financial options for your business, but also look for a bank with the technology to help you run your business the way you want it to be run.
Whether you walk in mid-town Manhattan or in some small town in Virginia you see bank branches cropping up all around you. The market for banking services rests with YOU the customer.
Demand that your bank meet your needs in more ways than one – innovative technology solutions is definitely one way to do it.