Beyond Text and Banners: It’s Time To Consider Video Advertisements

If you have not advertised your business using traditional banner or text advertising I’m sure you have been the recipient of these advertisements. They’re all over your favorite search engine and news sites.
Like many people, at times you probably ignore a lot of the advertising you see. OR it probably takes seeing it a few times, to click on the advertisement (or for it to register properly) assuming your are interested.
Using video advertisements definitely catches the eye and could increase your response rate. Aditall has an interesting solution. Which reminds me of what Spot Runner is doing for small business television advertising.

Additall lets you find pre-packaged video and integrate your own message into the video. Or you can put together clips of raw video to create your own video message.
Pretty simple.
Advertising online, is by far, one of the most affective ways to reach an audience. Television, radio and print advertising are all also very important, but you’ll find much of this advertising (especially on a national level) is for those with large budgets.
For small businesses, those with smaller budgets, advertising online is a great start and good test of your marketing message. With online advertising you can:

  • Reach a very targeted audience
  • Precisely measure the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Spend as much or as little money as you want

Once you decide to advertise online – it’s important to think, how can I break through the clutter. One way to do so is with very relevant advertising and good copy (the text or audio of your message). Considering video advertisements is definitely an option as our eyes are attracted to movement.