Collaboration That’s More Than Google Docs – Less Complicated Than SharePoint

I’ve used Google Docs for some months now and find it easy to use and with enough communication features to keep it useful. It’s also free.
If you’re looking for a more robust solution there’s Microsoft SharePoint and dozens of other solutions from competing providers such as IBM and EMC.
One solution that appears to offer more than Google Docs, but with less complexity and cost than SharePoint is CommuniClique.
If you’ve seen the TV series “24” where everyone’s communicating and clicking and scrolling on their computer screens – you’ll want to look at CommmuniClique.

CommuniClique has fully integrated click-to-talk VoIP and the newest version offers customizable URL and branding tools, RSS feeds to notify team members when new documents have been added to a project, and an Outlook plug-in that integrates with CommuniClique’s calendar, tasks and address book. In addition, CommuniClique now supports the FireFox and Safari browsers as well as Internet Explorer.
For $60 per month, CommuniClique offers much more than simple document sharing but also builds in project management and time and billing. For those of you who use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook your investment is not wasted. CommuniClique compliments these solutions.
I’ll be trying it out over the next few days to see how it really works and to get a better feel for what a $60 per month product can offer over a free product.