How to Simplify Technology In Your Business

For businesses that are using very little technology, technology is already simple. They’re using such little technology it’s simple due to there not being any.
For companies on track for growth, their use of technology can be much more complicated. However, the best way to ensure that technology remains powerful but simple is by ensuring that technology is implemented correctly the first time.
Dell has launched an initiative, and making significant investments in this regard to simply technology. Key components of simplification that will reduce complexity in the infrastructure, from Dell’s blog are: Standardization, consolidation and automation, from the desktop to the datacenter.

Dell writes that Companies tell us they want to spend a lot less time on maintenance and a lot more on innovation (more interesting projects). But they can’t because maintenance – just keeping the lights on in IT – requires most of the resources that could otherwise be used on innovation projects.
From personal experience, I know that so often techies are putting out fires and maintaining technology instead of taking the time to implement strategies to use technology as a tool to really GROW their business.
Part of this process, is really not an “IT” issue at all. It’s an issue of there being so much to do, but the small business owner only has so many resources with which to get it done. One solution is outsourcing. Hiring someone to do the things that your time would be better spent doing something else.
If you are making flower deliveries and running your floral shop, it’s better to hire someone to do deliveries (even) while you focus on getting more corporate accounts to sell flowers to. Make sense?
So, there’s two parts to simplifying technology:
1. Investing resources to have someone else take care of technology that you do not have the expertise to do or that you should not expend the time on.
2. Ensuring that new technology implementations are installed to operate with minimal complexity.
One big example of this is why I switched from the very excellent email newsletter platform Constant Contact to FeedBlitz. The only reason I switched was to save time. As I wrote here my newsletter was made up of the past week’s post on What I was doing was manually creating my newsletter in Constant Contact, each week.
With Feedblitz I post once to and the post go on the site AND are made into a weekly newsletter.
This is what Dell is trying to do. They made the process of buying computers easy – buy direct from Dell. Now they’re making the process of managing computers “simple” by offering a suite of solutions to make this possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great article and your assessment is right on. Let me take it one step farther. We find that small businesses have two kinds of technology assistance: “Bob” or “none.” Too often, “Bob” is the neighbor down the street that seems to know something or that 19-year old kid at Best Buy. When Dell launched Vostro it was specifically with small businesses in mind. A business owner has better things to do than to figure out how to set up a wireless network, or set up storage for disaster recovery. So to your two points (start with minimal complexity and have someone lined up to help you run it) I would add:� Don’t think your business computing should be set up the same way is your personal computing (Business computing is more mission-critical).� Buy systems that are engineered to go together — PCs, storage, networking – and that include simple set-up wizards and tools.
    The fact is, technology is too complex and Dell is doing something about it.
    PS: Here is a site of which Dell is one of the sponsors that actually makes fun of technology complexity. Check it out at

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