Larger & Faster Hard Disks for Notebooks. Buy Notebooks – Not PCs

I was looking at some prices for a notebook last week and the largest hard disk I found was 100GB. This is pretty big, but when I think that I only have 8GB of hard disk space left on my Lenovo notebook, it’s not that much.
Two of my home desk top computers, which I recently ordered from Dell have 200GB hard disks.
I was happy to read in Computer World that Western Digital is rolling out 320 GB Hard Disks.

These hard disks are not only larger than what’s found on many existing notebooks but they are also faster.
I was speaking with an industry executive yesterday and in our wide ranging conversation, after observing his wonderful Mac notebook, he suggested that there’s no reason for businesses to even buy desktop computers any more – I agree.
Small businesses should invest in powerful notebook computers for their businesses. If needed they can use larger LCDs and docking stations. What’s nice about using notebooks, especially if you standardize, is that you can easily swap out components from one notebook to another. If your hard disk crashes, for example, just pop it out and put another one in. Simple.