Merging Brands You Should Know About: McAfee & ScanAlert

ScanAlert offers a service which does two main things: a) it scans your site for security vulnerabilities that hackers might take advantage of b) it places a “Hacker Safe” logo on your site, certifying your site is hacker safe.
On Tuesday, McAfee announced that it will integrate ScanAlert into its suite of products.
Redmond Magazine writes McAfee said it plans to integrate ScanAlert’s technology into its SiteAdvisor service, which alerts Web surfers about the safety of the sites they’re visiting with a series of red, yellow and green lights. The service warns of sites that infect visitors computers’ with malicious code, aggressively display pop-up ads and use submitted e-mail addresses to send spam.
There’s a lot of mergers and acquisitions that go on and many don’t affect small businesses. But what’s important about this acquisition is that two companies, serving the needs of smaller businesses (and larger ones) are now one company.
You will see this more and more in the security space and other business segments. Larger companies, in an effort to broaden their customer base and increase revenue will acquire companies instead of creating their own products and services.
It’s important that you are aware of these changes, as they affect your business. Be ready to change if needed.
Congratulations to the newly minted millionaires from ScanAlert!