The New World of Cell Phone and Wireless Networks

We live in a very interesting time.
I’m sure when cars were first thought of as novelties there were arguments pros and cons about them. I’m sure the media of the day wrote about “the death of the horse”. While some might have scoffed at cars and thought that they would be a passing novelty. The world of mobile communications is going through some interesting changes – much of it caused by Google, but fueled recently by Verizon Wireless.
The WSJ reported on Wednesday that Verizon Wireless will open up its wireless network to phones and other devices that it does not sell.
Why should you care?

Although this is not the most earth shattering piece of news this week, this news is important as it’s one of those industry changing news items that will have repercussions for years.
Currently, you buy a cell phone from your wireless carrier, as they have cell phones that work on their network. You can’t buy any cell phone and make it work on another network without some major hassle – if at all.
As we’re beginning to learn, in Europe and especially Asia, it’s easy to buy just about any phone and swap a SIM card to have it work on another network.
Verizon opening up it’s network shifts the dynamics of the industry. While the wireless carrier will still be important, the power and “sizzle” will really be in the hands of hardware vendors (mainly cell phone companies) who have an even more vested interested to make phones that people will want to buy. The other “power” will rest in the hands of smart developers who will make cool and useful web based or phone based applications that are optimized for a cellular network.
Not now and probably not even next year will Verizon’s announcement affect your business. However, it is absolutely critical that you are aware of the shifts happening in the world of telecommunications so you can take advantage and leverage these changes for your business.
In the coming months, what’s going to increasingly separate businesses that are ahead of the competition, from those that are not, are how they use technology as a tool to grow their business.