Protect Valuables In a Safe With Built in USB Hard Disk

We all know what personal safes are. They can fit on your desk or on a shelf somewhere and in the event of a fire or flood they’ll keep your valuables safe for a certain period of time. Much longer than a wooden drawer or paper folder.
What’s neat about Sentry Group’s new line of Sentry@Safe protection hardware is that one of the models will come with a built in Maxtor One Touch Drive.
Not only can you protect your passport, marriage license and other things – but your data is also protected.

Ensuring your data is protected does not stop when it’s backed. You must also ensure that the media your backed up data is on is protected and available.
Imagine the businesses in California affected by the fires; or those in Louisiana affected by Katrina; or those in New York City mid-town affected by the steam pipe explosion. Many of these businesses might have backed up their data, but left it in their office.
The backup could have been damaged. But if it wasn’t it was not accessible to them for some time – if ever.
Therefore, when you back up your data make sure you regularly take the backed up data off site – away from your office.
Backing up your data online (online online or a dual off line and online strategy) is the way to ensure you can access your data from anywhere.
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