Real Estate Professionals Have Special Technology Needs

Real Estate professionals have special needs and are often small businesses as well, which makes their needs even more of a special challenge.
Virtual phone provider Gotvmail particular markets to these professionals as does HP and other technology vendors.
Their needs include mobile solutions, imaging solutions and the ability to manage their many contacts. I would think that like a good lawyer, a real estate professional is only as good as their people skills and Rolodex of contacts – buyers and sellers.
Addressing the need for contact management, Sage recently debut ACT! by Sage for Real Estate 2008.

The National Association of REALTORS 2007 REALTOR Technology Survey revealed that:

  • 80% of sales agents and associate brokers rated the value of technology supplied by their broker as extremely or somewhat valuable
  • 65% responded “yes” when asked if they wanted their broker to expand the amount of technology offered
  • 64% said they communicate with past clients quarterly or more frequently

While much of the base of the ACT! product is the same for real estate or any other professionals, ACT! has included several out-of-the-box features that only a real estate professional would appreciate such as custom dashboards.
These dashboards provide users with a comprehensive, graphical view of key information including activities, property listings, and sales opportunities, and allow users to drill down into the information to take further action.
ACT! for Real Estate dashboards display individual user information, while ACT! Premium for Real Estate dashboards display team information to help managers set company sales targets and gauge individual and group performance status.
If you’re a real estate professional you can really use technology to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Using instant messaging to provide immediate answers is one way. Ensuring that your clients can get as much information about a home via email, fax or the web is another way.
A blog could be a great tool by enabling you to keep a journal of client stories for other clients to read. This would enable you to be more than just a sales person but a resource and wealth of information on home (or commercial property) buying.

Just this week I was looking at virtual walk-through technology from NeuStep. Using NeuStep’s technology, real estate brokers (or anyone else) can have a virtual walk through of their property online. Looking at photographs on a web site is nice, but being able to “walk through” a property is much better. If you don’t have time to visit the property or want to get a “closer look” before traveling to see the properly, a virtual walk-through is a huge time saver.

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  1. Anonymous

    Using technology to appease sellers in a slower market should be a priority. Set to music, infused with emotion, listing eCards breathe life into properties. Compare these mini-movies to outdated, antiseptic, periscopic virtual tours � and you win hands down.
    – August

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