Sending Big Files Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

Getting large files from one place to another has traditionally been a pain. You could burn a CD or USB thumb drive and mail the files. If you had an FTP (file transfer protocol) server you could use an FTP server (imagine an online version of Windows Explorer) – but it’s complicated to set up and cumbersome to use.
Emailing large files is a non-starter as most email services limit you to a few megabytes – if that much.
I’ve been using the free version of YouSendIt which lets you send up to 100 mega bytes – for free. That’s quite a lot! If you’re a company and find that your employees need a way to send and receive files between clients and partners – YouSendIt’s corporate suite is something to consider.

The suite offers unlimited bandwidth when sending files and provides automated and centralized user management across organizations. YouSendIt Corporate Suite also offers Password Protection and Certified Delivery with tracking, which provides automatic digital rights management features, eliminating the fear of unauthorized downloads or interception. The cost is 5 users for $999.99 a year or $99 per month on up. If you don’t want to setup your own file transfer server YouSendIt’s solution is pretty neat – it’s much more than just sending and receiving files. offers a file sending and storage service as well, but also include collaboration features. David Strom recently wrote about it here.
Other options you might want to consider for sharing files is an intranet from WebEx Web Office, HyperOffice, OfficeLive or CatalystWeb.

One thought on “Sending Big Files Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

  1. Robyn

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying our service! Have you checked out Express, the free YouSendIt desktop application? It’s super convenient and will provide up to 25% faster uploads. You can even drag and drop multiple files or folders as large as 2GB each. (The folders just zip right up and send!)
    Thanks for the mention! � Pass this promo code along to your readers for 1 free month of our Business Plus plan ( a bit longer than the website free trial): RHORBP04.
    Simply create a free account, then go to “my account”/”account details” and enter this code. Accounts will be upgraded for 30 days, then revert back to the free version when it expires. No credit card info is collected.
    It’s just our way of saying “thanks” for talking us up.Robyn- Marketing Communications, YouSendIt

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