Should a “.US” Domain Be In Your Future?

Web host said that charting the days between August 1 and September 30, Go Daddy increased the number of.US registrations by 47% compared to the previous time period last year.
Tim Ruiz; Vice President, Corporate Development & Policy sheds more light on this trend for in a Q&A:

[] Why an interest addresses?
The usTLD ranks 9th among the world’s country code domains despite the influence and impact America has in the domain market. Go Daddy has the resources and drive to domain registrations.
Go Daddy also sees the promotion domain as a great domain for wedding sites or couples.
For businesses is address good or is it still better to have
Businesses can benefit from registering domains. domain names are the leading force of TLDs, businesses in the United States can promote their business and relate to the community in the United States with domain.
There are still a large number of high-quality domain names with the.US extension.
Does address look – too consumer-ish?
There are many small businesses that have been able to successfully use a.US domain name to run their Web site.
While the.US penetration is not where we would like to see it, we hope over time the.US extension becomes an integral part of our society, much like.DE for Germany.
end of interview
What does this mean for your business?
Stick domain names for your web site but,.net and other top-level-domains for your web site address as well.