Storage In A Web 2.0 World: Beyond Computer Hard Drives. ‘Net Drives

When I first bought my Lenovo notebook computer I thought 60GB of storage was a lot. I now realize it’s pretty tiny and really nothing at all. My Itunes downloads alone, mostly from, takes up over 20GBs of space on my hard disk.
However, what’s really interesting is the growth of online storage solutions such as
I have a 500GB and a 300GB Maxtor external hard drive and my two home computers have plenty of storage but what would be great is if there was seamless online storage online. If I didn’t have to download anything (but the most important things) to a hard disk and transfer things through the Internet that would be great. is moving in this direction.

ZDNet’s David Berlind writes But now, through a new offering that co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie (pronounced lev-ee) is calling OpenBox comes a completely different model � one where existing online services (for example EchoSign’s online document signing service) are integrated directly into’s online storage service in turnkey fashion, without the need for a software developer to mashup them (the apps, the storage) up for you. Put another way, whereas before you might have used EchoSign to retrieve and sign a file that was on your local hard drive, now you can say buh-bye hard drive and do the same thing with a file that lives in your directory.
What does this mean to you?
Let’s say you have a video you are watching online, in the future, instead of having to download that video to your hard disk, you could direct the video to be stored directly to your account! You could then provide a URL of the video to others and share it easily with anyone.
You could even integrate your storage into your intranet solution.
This “in the cloud storage” is moving us closer and closer to a world where the computer, is indeed, irrelevant. So far has Zoho, eFax and Mimeo as partners – a good suite of business applications.
This means that you could be in eFax and attached a file stored in Zoho to your eFax message via – wow – that’s not just cool but a huge boost in using online applications as true business applications.
Although the day-to-day use of these technologies is probably several months away from being fully developed in a significant number of applications, it’s important that you understand their implications now and how they can affect and benefit your business.
What’s going to happen next?
Let’s see: NetBooks partners with; Google or Yahoo buys

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