Turning Scanned Paper into Actionable and Searchable Information

One of the shortcomings of most scanning solutions is that scanning the documents is only half the job. The other part of a successful scan is being able to retrieve the scanned document when you need to.
There’s many scanning solutions for corporate documents, such as CabinetNg‘s popular scanning solution. But if you need to manage business cards, receipts and other “miscellaneous” documents Neat Receipts offers one of the best solutions.

It’s updated version 3.0 doesn’t just make digital copies of documents but is also a complete organization system for all your paper clutter. Neat Receipts scans documents so that you can edit text and perform keyword search. The paper you scan is no longer just an image but a piece of data turned into potential information.
New features include:

  • Scan to PDF — convert paper documents into searchable PDF format quickly and easily
  • Smart Sorting — scan and process multiple document types, which are then automatically organized by receipts, business cards and documents
  • Keyword Search — faster, more accurate search functionality for any scanned paper
  • Convert to Editable Text — convert paper documents to text that can be edited