Why PC Processors Still Matter For Your PC and Network

There’s two interesting things happening in the world of technology – one is getting a lot of press coverage. The other is being ignored but small businesses are screaming about it.
Web 2.0, Facebook and Social Media are all the rage. However, small businesses still have basic computer problems to worry about. Computers crash, files get lost, computers are too slow, printers jam and keyboards get stuck.
Into this mess steps your local technology consultant who you turn to, to keep your computers and network working. The smart consultants are changing their approach to managing technology by starting at the processor level of your computer.

Intel’s vPro processor technology is the key. Using this relatively new technology your local consultant, or Managed Service Provider no longer has to come to your office every time their’s a computer problem. They no longer have to interrupt your work schedule to perform routine maintenance.
While consumers can purchase pretty much a computer with any chip, smaller businesses should carefully consider the PC type they are purchasing. While it’s tempting to think that all your applications are web based, so the PC can be ignored, that’s the wrong strategy.
At the end of the day your access to the Internet, your network and maybe your office phone is all through your PC.
Therefore if your PC goes down for any reason you want to ensure you have the right technology in place (ie, Intel vPro) to enable your local technology provider to correct the problem as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.
Some features of vPro include:
Built in security features. Maybe your anti-virus software is not able to detect a particular virus. Your computer’s processor could detect it in time.
Being able to get fast assistance without having a technician visit your office will save you time and money.
If your offices computers are turned off and there needs to be emergency access to them (maybe to repair something that a staff member complained about during the week day) Intel’s vPro technology can access the computer even if its off.
Software updates might be happening less, thanks to the increased use of hosted applications but as long as you have a computer they will still be necessary. Remotely updating software is possible with Intel’s vPro technology.
While much of the media focuses on My Space and Face Book widgets make sure your business computers are not seen as plastic and metal bricks but as powerful tools of productivity to boost your business.
Check out a video of how it works with a small business here.