Wireless Headsets Are Not All Made the Same

I’ve been using cellular phones for years. When I was in college in the early 1990’s I had a big, fat plastic Motorola cell phone with large LED numbers. The kind that are on many microwaves today.
Only recently have I begun to use an ear piece for easier communication. I have two wired ones and one wireless one from Motorola. It hangs limply from my ear, has terrible sound quality and costs about $50.
Recently I tried out a marvelous wireless (via Bluetooth) ear piece from Sound ID

Sound ID’s SM 100 Ear Module is instantly likable for a number of reasons:

  • It fits comfortably on the ear – you forget your wearing it. With the Motorola earpiece I had – I was filled with discomfort and worried that it would fall off my ear
  • It reconnects to the cell phone when disconnected
  • It picks up ambient noise so that you don’t feel that you’re deaf in one ear

I could go on, but there’s not much more to say. This device is simple, powerful and well worth the $130.00.
There are a lot of great wireless cell phone ear pieces on the market for over $100. I would highly suggest that you include Sound ID’s SM100 for yourself or that special friend this Christmas.