Archive of December 2007

Samsung’s Got Juice Beyond Cell Phones

In large part due to my ignorance, in some part due to Samsung’s own branding strategy, I didn’t think of Samsung much beyond cell phones. I had been on Samsung’s list of journalists to receive information about their printers and kind of scoffed wondering why they were even in the printer business. We all know […]

Tips From Office Depot’s CIO

One of the best learning experiences small businesses can get is to take what successes larger businesses have had and implement them. Of course even better than this it to know the success of businesses in your industry and your size and duplicate their success as well. ZD Net has a series of videos of […]

Dell’s Relationship With Your Local Consultant

For many years, in fact for most of Dell’s existence, it has had a distance (at best) relationship with local resellers. HP has been the primary leader in massaging and nurturing relationships with local consultants and helping them sell computers and other products and services to you. Although, officially Dell has not courted local consultants, […]