Are You In the Top 25% Who Don’t Care About Security?

AT&T recently conducted a survey which reveals that many smaller businesses really don’t care enough about their data security.
Are you in that group?
Large businesses care about security because they know that if their security is breached they lose customers or are out of business.
What about your smaller business? The stakes are just as high – or higher.
Wireless security. Backup. Network security. AT&T’s survey reveals that smaller businesses are simply not doing enough. If you want to ensure that your corporate and mobile network are as secure as possible, hire a security expert to give you a detailed security audit and look for vulnerabilities and holes in your security.

According to Ray Boggs, vice president of small/medium business research at market research firm IDC, small businesses don’t usually see themselves as online security targets. “These are cases in which ignorance is not bliss,” Boggs said. “Threats are now highly automated and impersonal. Being small doesn’t make you less vulnerable. You may be less visible than a big bank or government agency, but you still can be undermined by the bad guys.”
“The survey shows that there are still many businesses that don’t understand the threats that exist, the impact these threats could have on their business and livelihood, and the easy ways they can guard against them and protect their companies,” said John Regan, vice president, Business Marketing for AT&T. “Small businesses depend more and more on computers and communications technology, and they need to understand how they can protect those systems, whether from a virus or other man-made attack or from a natural disaster.”
Unless you take the time to implement backup as a key and automated part of your business, you are not going to backup the way you should nor as often as you should.
If backup and security are an ad hoc part of your business process – you’re not going to do it right. You have to ensure that you don’t just backup when you feel like it. Instead, every time you save a file or amend a file your backup system it should be automatically backed up.
Wireless security and wired security need the same attention to security.
Make sure the security is implemented automatically in your business process.