Backing Up Your Data Online: Everyone Should Do It

For years I’ve got by with having a dial up connection in my home office, as I had a broad band Verizon Wireless connection for my main computer. Recently I got DSL from Earthlink. It’s fast and works quite well.
One of the benefits of broadband is you can download movies, download music, play online games, use Skype and so many other things.
Another nice benefit is backing up your data online. There’s so many different services around, including Backupmyinfo, Carbonite and dozens of others.
Dell recently started an online backup service and I just realized I had a free, one year offer of 3GB of backup on a Dell Dimension I recently bought. It works just fine. I downloaded some software, selected the files I wanted to backup and voila, I’m backing up via the Internet.

Your backup strategy should include the following:

  • Online backup of all your notebook computers which are out of the office
  • Local backup of your desktop computers, servers and notebook computers
  • Offsite archive of your office backup

In the event of a disaster, wherein you need to access your backed up data, your mobile users can get their data from wherever they are through the Internet.
Your local users can access their backups via the off-site backup location. It can’t hurt, and in fact could be a good idea to consider backing up your entire office using an online backup solution