Calling via the Internet Without your Computer

My office seems like it NEVER is without boxes – containing gadgets of one sort or another to review and test!
Recently, I received a relatively big box of interesting gear. Inside one of the boxes was Philips Internet Phone.
What’s really interesting about this gizmo and it surely qualifies as a holiday gift item, is that it allows you to use the low cost of the Internet for phone calls without using a PC.

Recently I had occasion to use Skype as my main phone service for a few days as I was not near a traditional land line. I used the Skype integrated headset and microphone and connected it to my computer. It was “ok” but not really comfortable or practical for long periods of use.
With the Philips Internet phone, the computer is not needed and phone calling, via Skype, or some other provider is pretty fun – not just low cost – and comfortable.
Setting it up is easy.
1) Take the wireless base station and plug it into the power socket and into your Internet connection
2) Plug the “Skype” phone into the power socket and take about 5 minutes to set it up – mainly just entering your Skype name and password
Once that’s done – make a phone call to your Mom in Maryland or friends in Helsinki – the world is yours.
The one problem, with calling via the Internet is that at times the phone quality is not that great. Often times it’s just fine, but every now and then you’ll get a delay or echo.
For $150, Philip’s phone is worth the convenience and features.
You can get a Skype telephone number and really have true phone features, including voice mail, for much less than traditional phone service would cost.
If you have to keep your computer on and be entangled with a microphone and headset you’ll lose the “phone experience”. Using Philip’s Skype phone you can use Skype to save your business money and have enhanced flexibility.

One thought on “Calling via the Internet Without your Computer

  1. Steve

    Our family has been using this phone for about 2 months. It works great! The phone integrates both your traditional land line and Skype at the same time, giving you two lines. We’re using it over cable broadband. The sound quality is just fine, the speaker phone works fine and is loud enough. The mike is sensitive enough for a hands free conference call. The only minor anoyance is the cheezy ring tones. There are enough to choose from though to find one that is tolerable. Finally, we have had minimal problems with voice quality on skype. In fact, I can’t tell the difference even when I am the recipient of the call. The base can handle 4 handsets. It is nearly a perfect phone. Best of all, the computer stays off. We will pay for the phone with our savings.

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