Email Marketing: It’s More Than Fancy Email Messages

Email marketing is much more than sending email messages with fancy images and fonts in it.
It’s about the content in your newsletter, the design of your newsletter, your audience and what their needs are.
If you think you can just subscribe to Constant Contact and start emailing your customers you’re wrong.
Most likely, your “email marketing” efforts won’t work and you’ll be wasting your money. Whether you use Constant Contact or some other service like iContact there’s a few things you should do.

First of all, check out John Arnold’s new book E-Mail Marketing For Dummies which includes proven strategies and key resources that John Arnold has gathered during his professional career as an expert, teaching individuals and organizations about email marketing for small businesses and nonprofits.
The second thing you should do is take advantage of Constant Contact’s free seminars on email marketing. The seminars are only in a few regions at this time, but check out if there’s one in your area here.
Email marketing is not difficult but if you’re going to do it right and not waste your limited time or money, it’s absolutely critical that you take some time to learn how to best do it.
There are dozens of great resources online, just Google the word ’email marketing’ and books to read.
If you want to hire an expert, check out Blue Penguin Development or Marketing Edge for starters.
Hire someone to help with your newsletter so you can focus on your business not as an excuse to be clueless about email marketing.