Sales 2.0 In A Sales 1.0 World

david-thompson-genius.jpgDavid Thompson, CEO of, explains in plain English why your business needs to focus on “Sales 2.0” instead of Sales 1.0.
Sales 1.0 is all about an expensive sales rep, taking an expensive flight to sell an expensive product to a large enterprise (or even a small business) around the world.
David explains in a really nice ZD Net web cast that Sales 2.0 is all about using social media, RSS feeds, blogs, email newsletters, web sites and even traditional media to drive sales to your web site. Once the sales prospect is on your web site or respond to an email you can use a tool like Genius to know precisely how that customer has responded to your digital communications.

Using you can see who opens your email, who visits your web site, and what pages they view on your web site. instead of guessing about a sales prospect Genius helps you know precisely what your customer is doing and when they’re doing it.
Is this an invasion of privacy? Sure, you could say that. But think about how email marketing services let you do pretty much the same thing? Or when you call a toll free number, how much data the recipient can collect about you.